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HOW DO I file?

As a veteran, there are credits you can claim on your earned income.

There are several ways you can choose to file your tax return and take advantage of the benefits for veterans that may apply to you.

Education Expenses

If you are trying to claim tax credits related to your education expenses, you’ll need to subtract your VA education benefit payments (payments that go to you) from your total education expenses (payments that go to your school).

You can claim anything that went towards your school and supplies but you cannot claim the benefit payments you received.

For more information, check-out the VA's example.

The Combat-Injured Veterans Tax Fairness Act of 2016

The Combat-Injured Veterans Tax Fairness Act of 2016 allows Veterans who received a lump sum disability severance payment after January 17, 1991, additional time to claim a credit or refund for the taxes claimed on their disability payments.

Anyone who received a disability severance payment, as a result of combat injury, and was taxed on that payment, can file a claim for credit or refund for the tax year in which the disability severance payment included as income.

You must file an amended return for the every year taxes were deducted from your disability payments.

Questions about filing an amended return?

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We know that everyone's situation is different. If you have more questions around your taxes, read more about resources available for veterans

You can also connect with United Way Miami's Mission United team for more free services designed for veterans and their families.

Other things people want to know about filing their taxes:

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