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Should I file?

Before actually filing, you can see how much money you would get back

There are two options to find out how much you’ll get back or how much you'll owe before you decide if you should file -- without the IRS knowing.

It's easier than you think.

1. Quick Calculator

Turbotax TaxCaster lets you estimate your taxes in less than ten questions. The three most important things to fill in are:

  • Total income (how much money you made)
  • Total withholdings (how much money the government already took out of your paychecks)
  • The number of dependents (child or qualifying relative) you'll claim

This is fast and super safe but not as accurate as option 2.

2. Sneak Peek

You can use an online filing tool to prepare your taxes but don’t click submit. Your taxes can’t be submitted without your permission, so the government won't see any of your information until you actually file.

This takes some time, but is the most accurate way to know what your taxes look like.

Other things people want to know before deciding to file taxes:

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