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Should I file?

If you make a mistake, you can easily get back on track

Tax forms are confusing but there’s absolutely no reason to panic. Here's what might happen if you make a mistake:

You WON'T go to jail

No matter what you’ve heard, jail time only happens in extreme cases of tax fraud -- like when you owe the IRS millions of dollars.

You might have to return part of your refund

If you made a mistake that results in getting more money back than you should have, the IRS will send you a letter saying you need to pay some of the money back. And unfortunately, you might also have to pay a fee.

You might owe more than you thought

If you owe more than you paid, the government might send you a letter telling you how much you owe. You can always check to see if you owe any money on the IRS website

It’s rare, but you might get audited

If the IRS thinks your taxes don't look right, they may send you a letter asking you to show documents or other proof of what you reported on your taxes.

You can hire a tax preparer to help you through this. It's annoying but it won't set you back or send you to jail.

Keep a copy of your tax documents somewhere safe, just in case.

Other things people want to know before deciding to file taxes

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